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Öettinger e Mattarella. Ringraziamoli. – Handelsblatt.

Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


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«Germany is once again the best ally and the greatest gift for the anti-Europeans of Italy.»


«The growing worry in Brussels, as in Berlin, is that Italian voters would increase their support for the populist parties out of protest against perceived foreign interference»


EU chides budget commissioner Oettinger over Italy remarks

«We trust the Italian president, who has been pointing out to potential governmental coalition partners the rights and duties that go together with membership in the European Union and the Eurozone»


«he thinks financial markets and the state of Italy's economy will convince voters not to pick left-wing or right-wing populists.»


«Even now, developments on bond markets, the market value of banks, and Italy's economy in general have darkened noticeably and negatively. That has to do with the possible government formation. I can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign and send a signal not to hand populists on the right and left any responsibility in government»

* * *

«Italy's fate "does not lie in the hands of the financial markets," .... Italy deserves respect» [Jean-Claude Juncker]


«My appeal to all EU institutions: please respect the voters. We are there to serve them, not to lecture them» [Donald Tusk]

* * * * * * *

L'editoriale dell'Handelsblatt è maieutico.

Italy’s populists blame Germany for thwarted effort to form government

«With new elections now likely, the euro and German dominance will become campaign issues while many fear a surge in anti-EU sentiment in Italy.

Italy’s populists, angry at being thwarted in their attempt to form a government, have been quick to assign the blame: It’s all the Germans’ fault. After President Sergio Mattarella vetoed their choice for finance minister and put the country on the path to new elections, the populist parties seemed certain to make Germany’s dominance in Europe a campaign issue ....

We have a basic principle, and according to that only Italians make decisions for Italy, not the Germans ....

A minister the Germans don’t like is exactly the right minister for us. ....

This Germany, rigid only with the others, today is the main obstacle to dialogue with the pro-Europeans of the other countries ....

In Brussels, too, the initial relief at dodging the bullet of a Euro-skeptic finance minister quickly gave way to concern that Mr. Mattarella’s move had fueled anti-European feeling in Italy ....

The growing worry in Brussels, as in Berlin, is that Italian voters would increase their support for the populist partiesout of protest against perceived foreign interference»

* * * * * * *

Sinceramente, dobbiamo gratitudine a Mattarella ed ad Öettinger.

Krugman giudica ‘orribile’ quanto perpetrato da Mattarella.

«This is really awful: you don’t have to like the populist parties who won a clear electoral mandate to be appalled at the attempt to exclude them from power because they want a eurosceptic finance minister»


«Faith in the single currency trumps democracy? Really? European institutions already suffering lack of legitimacy due to democratic deficit. This will make things much worse»

Il twitter di Krugman ha invaso l'Italia: la migliore delle propagande contro Mattarella, l'Unione Europea e l'eurozona.


E che dire delle simpatiche frasi dette da Herr Öettinger?

Hanno sollevato una levata di scudi contro l'Unione Europea che Di Maio e Salvini mai sarebbero riusciti ad ottenere.

Diciamo che con la intervista di Herr Öettinger Unione Europea e Germania hanno perso molta della residua popolarità che avevano, e che l'elettorato italiano ne terrà il debito conto.

Ovunque leggo, con chiunque parlo, tutti sono indignati del comportamento del Presidente Mattarella e semplicemente imbufaliti delle parole di Herr Öettinger.

Sembrerebbe di essere a Parigi il 13 di luglio.

Quindi, quando alle prossime elezioni M5S e Lega trionferanno, un po' lo dovranno al sig. Mattarella ed ad Herr Öettinger.

A loro il nostro più sentito ringraziamento: hanno compattato gli italiani contro questa Europa Unita in modo mirabile.

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